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My love for hose and bondage
   My love for hose and bondage started at a very early age. I can remember when I was 6 or 7, tying up my grandmother with string. She always had on hose when I tied her too. When I got to around 10, I started using rope and gagging her. Then things changed. We moved to another town and to stay close to her work, my grandmother moved in with a friend. I was feeling pretty down about it. I played the normal tie up games with the neighborhood girls, but it wasn't the same since they were always in pants.
  Then one rainy day, my mom saw how bored I was and asked me if I would like to tie her up. I think my mouth hit the floor. She said she saw how much I enjoyed tying up my grandmother and since she didn't live with us anymore, she thought she would take her place. I asked her if she would wear dresses and nylons too and she said yes only it had to be our secret. My father was not to know. I agreed. She told me that since he worked late on Thursdays and Fridays, those would be the days we would play, but I also had to promise no touching except her legs.
  The next Thursday, I couldn't wait to get home from school. I walked in the door and there my mom stood wearing a red blouse, black skirt (knee length), tan nylons and black pumps. She asked if she looked okay and I shook my head yes. She told me to got get my ropes that she knew I had in my closet since she found them there one day and that she was ready to be my kidnap victim.
  I grabbed my stuff and went back into the kitchen. She had pulled out one of the kitchen chairs and was sitting on it. I put my box of rope on the table and asked her if she was sure about this. She said yes. She had never been tied up before, but when she saw her mother tied up, it kind of got her excited.
  I told her to put her hands behind the back of the chair and I tied them together. I wrapped rope around her waist and the back of the chair pinning her arms to it. I then moved around front and tied her legs together at the knees and ankles. I picked up a scarf and looked at her. She said I can't stop you from gagging me. And I did.
  I watched her struggle to get free for at least an hour. I took out her gag and she said that she had to make a rest room stop so I untied her. After the break, we went into the bedroom and I tied her up lying on her bed, but this time I also blindfolded her.
  Again I watched her for about an hour and then untied her. She said that was enough for tonight and that we could play more the next night. She said she had to start getting dinner ready.
  For the next 2 years I tied my mom up every Thursday and Friday night. As I got older I started to masturbate watching here struggle. She was blindfolded all the time so she didn't see me, but I'm sure she knew what I was doing.
  At age 15, when I got home from school one Thursday, my mom was dressed as usual, but my aunt was also there dressed in her nurse's uniform. This was the days when nurses wore white dresses, nylons and shoes. I was headed for my room when my mom called out not to forget to bring my box of supplies. I stopped in my tracks and looked at the 2 of them. My aunt said that she heard that I was quite a knot tier and that she wanted to join in. She was single and had been tied up by a couple of her past boyfriends.
  I went and got my box of ropes. I had added to it by this time and had plenty to tie up both of them. I went back into the living room where they were seated and my aunt stood up saying that I could start with her.
  She seemed a little taller than I remembered, but it didn't click in my mind why. I was tying up my aunt and mom together. I tied her wrist together behind her back and then wrapped rope around her waist and pinned her arms to her body. I then wrapped rope around her upper body under her breast, careful not to touch them and then told her to sit down. It was then I saw why she seemed taller. Instead of her nurse shoes, she had on a pair of white high heeled sandals. I then tied her legs together above and below the knees and at the ankles. I started to gag her when she told me not to blindfold her till I had tied my mom up so she could watch. I tied my mom in the same way and had her sit down on the couch next to my aunt. I then blindfolded them both. By the way, my mom was dressed in a black dress, tan nylons and black pumps.
  I kept them tied for an hour and then let them loose for a break. While my mom was in the bathroom, my aunt called me over. She told me that being a nurse, she knew what the site of a helpless woman was doing to me and that I could touch her any way I wanted as long as my mom didn't see. My mom came back and my aunt went to relieve herself.
  By the time she got back, I already had my mom tied up on the floor and blindfolded. I tied up my aunt next to her and ran my hands all over her body. I masturbated and then sat back to watch. I untied them after an hour and the fun was over for that day.
  I have tied up many women since then and I have always insisted they be wearing nylons and a skirt or dress. I have also had a special place for those women in white since then too.

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Noticed the sleep apnea device on the bedstand. Which one of you have the problem? We have the same problem. He sleeps in the basement and comes up for congigal visits. Tried the machine - it was as loud as his snoring.
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